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Solo LevelingĀ  novel is a light novel series written by Yuuya Ishii and published by Shueisha. It has been serialized in the light novel magazine, Jump Square since April 2010 and has been collected into eight volumes.

The Solo Leveling light novel follows the story of Haruhisa Togashi, a man who is the last person left alive in the virtual reality MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV ARR). Haruhisa was chosen to be the last person to survive in the game because he was a very powerful player. Haruhisa was able to make the strongest summonings, the most powerful attacks and the highest level. This made him very popular among the other players.

On the day of the final battle, Haruhisa’s party of characters is being attacked by an overwhelming number of monsters, including the final boss. While the others fight against the monsters, Haruhisa is left alone, facing the battle with only a weak character.

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